About Us

About Us

Mactec was formed to provide professional grade CNC equipment at a price point that makes them affordable to start-ups and non-commercial users.

We aim to give users a machine that is capable of professional-grade outputs but at a fraction of the required initial investment. So how is this possible? It's rather simple, we take the IKEA approach, we invest a huge amount of our company's time and resources in design, testing, and refinement. We don't offer highly specialized features that only offer benefits to 1% of end-users because this only drives up the costs to all our customers.

What you get with Mactec:

All Mactec machines come with the following as standard:
  • Full warranty and backup service  
  • Local customer service
  • Complete product training
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Powder coated finish
  • Fully CE compliant
  • Numerous maintenance plans

Who are our potential customers and what benefit does our product give them?

Start-ups, low yield, and non-commercial users are our main target market for our products. Currently, there is no professional-grade equipment available in Ireland or the UK at our price point. Our equipment allows for an entry point into automated production, it drastically improves quality and speed in comparison to traditional manufacturing. We aim to give businesses the capability to manufacture products in-house without an unfeasible initial investment.