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Mactec was formed to provide the best high precision CNC equipment available today. We have machines to suit the full spectrum of the manufacturing process, whether you are a multi-national or just a startup / non-commercial user, Mactec has a machine for you. 
We invest a huge amount of our company's time and resources in design, testing, and refinement. If you need special features we can happily oblige, we have a range of standard equipment but if you require a fully bespoke CNC machine, we can build it.

Why choose Mactec or even a CNC system?

We simply are the better choice, we give full training from zero experience to drawing and cutting your own parts, easy to use and dependable machinery and software, great customer service and a fair price, we could go on and on but it’s just as simple as that. 

Now we know why to choose Mactec, but why does your business need a CNC machine? Instead of using machines and many hours of labour, which can be costly, CNC machines have automated these processes and the machine does the work. Software transfers the machining data to the CNC machine to produce the windows and doors, quickly and precisely.

This is a big decision for your business and may even seem daunting, which is completely understandable. This approach however has so many benefits for your business, processes and staff, including:

1. Increases productivity
The use of CNCs has allowed manufacturers to work at a much faster pace to deliver the same standard of products, and without the added need of additional resources.

2. Saves time and money
CNCs can work long hours, producing many customer orders within less time than labour intensive manufacturing. You require less staff and less training hours for the staff to use the CNC machines.

3. Eliminates human errors
Errors such as cutting the aluminium too short, or the glass too big, can lead to a decrease in profits. When you use CNCs, the machine is programmed to deliver the product, as per the design data, and thus eliminating all chance of human error.

4. Decreases material wastes
The CNC machines are precise, eliminate human error and therefore decrease the materials wasted. This saves your business more money and time on rework.

5. Safe and easy to use
With CNC machines, operators do not need to get close to the cutting tools which decreases occupational health and safety accidents. This is a win for the business and for staff.

6. Future proofs your business
Introducing CNC into your business allows you to adapt to changing designs, building codes and standards. This allows your business to keep up with the changing world of manufacturing and keep you in the front of technology.

CNC machining not only increases your productivity and saves times and money, but it also future proofs your business!!

What you get with Mactec

All Mactec machines come with the following as standard:
  • Full warranty and backup service  
  • Local customer service
  • Complete product training
  • Installation and commissioning 
  • Powder coated finish
  • Fully CE compliant
  • Numerous maintenance plans

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